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Kidman New Swedish Wall Swedish Wall
  • Kidman New Swedish Wall Swedish Wall


    HEIGHT 225 CM

    WIDTH 75 CM

    BARFIX 70 CM
















    100% Natural 100% Sports 100% game 

    Why DNDspor Products?

    1.Sports is a very important factor that determines our lifestyle today. Activities such as climbing, holding and climbing stairs are especially suitable for the child's anatomical development. activity tool  Thanks to this, children's sports, which they have made a habit from a young age, will benefit them greatly in their later years.

    2. The activity tool, which is used as a playground, allows children to enjoy and do sports. It helps physical development by doing these movements for a long time without getting bored.

    3. Thanks to the activity device, physical anatomical disorders that may occur in children are prevented.

    4. Thanks to the activity tool, he gains the habit of sports from a young age.

    5. The activity tool creates a suitable area for very active children to discharge all their energies. Since such children cannot spend their energy, they can cause all kinds of dangerous events in the house. The activity tool can transform such children into a place where they can spend their energy and a space where they can improve their mental health.

    6. Sports is one of the number one solutions to keep our children away from phones and tablets in today's internet world. From a very young age  sports for our children  Building the habit is a very good investment for them.

    7. We can solve common problems such as obesity, being overweight, one of the diseases of our age, only by movement. Thanks to the activity tool, the sports area that you will create in a small area at home will help your child get rid of these problems or not occur at all.

    8. Our children with the activity tool  Thanks to the movements they will do every day, they will have done their daily exercises and have a healthy body.

    9. The end of the nervous system ends in the feet. Touches and pressures under the feet stimulate the entire nervous system, allowing it to relax and work. Stairs ropes of the activity tool  foot  It provides a warning like a massage under them. It helps to solve orthopedic problems that may or may occur, especially in the feet.

    10. Thanks to the activity tool, sports and entertainment are together. With a small area to be created in the home, the activity tool can be used by both our children and ourselves with fun.

    Great tasteful healthy…


    One of the biggest problems of today's children is distraction. When children receive a lot of stimulating information from their environment, they have trouble regulating them. Stimuli such as TV computer sounds cause distraction in children. In addition, they can remain motionless. Here, the sports corner and the Swedish wall save these warnings and enable them to both activate and do sports.



    We also have hyperactive children. These kids always want to move around and do something. They have too much energy. It is impossible to stop them. They have the power to turn the house upside down. It should be a place to distract them a bit and spend their energy. Here are the sports corners and Swedish walls, a tool for such children to spend their energy. While the children spend their energies in these areas, you will have some breathing room. 


    Swedish walls and other dndspor equipment used for functional disorders in physical therapy, neuromuscular, therapy, musculoskeletal and cordiovascular systems.


    The use of Dndspor products serves many purposes. Game physical development physical therapy All improvements on the musculoskeletal system will increase significantly. In the physical therapy process, the process works in the form of recovery of the spine in natural proportions, the skeletal system stops as it should, and if there is pain, it decreases.



    Used materials


    The wood material used is prepared from first class wood. These woods are mounted by wiping in machines. Wood material is used beech. The sticks used are beech wood. This tree is one of the hardest trees to break. The trees used are EC certified. Teak oil is used as a wood preservative. Teak oil penetrates deeply into the wood, nourishes, revitalizes, easy maintenance, can be used outdoors due to its water repellent feature, it is resistant to salt water and does not contain lead. Ropes and ropes used  jute  is a rope. Jute rope is 100% natural.  Carefully prepared montessori playgrounds and Swedish Walls are packaged as de-assembled or semi-assembled and shipped.



    The aim in rehabilitation is to return the innate or acquired mobility back to natural conditions. Dndspor instruments have been developed to assist these treatment applications. Our products can be used to reduce pain, relax muscles, accelerate blood circulation, remove information, distribute edema, restore functions, increase movements, provide body coordination, reduce the use of chemical drugs, and correct posture disorders.

    Within the scope of physical therapy and rehabilitation: acute chronic pain, rheumatic treatments, orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries, neurological rehabilitation, metabolic bone diseases, birth and postpartum joint and bone disorders treatments.

    Acromioclavicular (AC) joint arthrosis (calcification) , Lumbar hernia and canal stenosis (degenerative diseases) , Lumbar hernia , Lumbar slippage , Neck hernia , scoliosis, Nerve compression in the elbow (Cubital tunnel syndrome) , Posture and gait disorders , Hallux Valgus , Stroke (paralysis) , Bone resorption (osteoporosis) , Lymphedema , Meniscus , Treatment of shoulder dislocations , Osteoarthritis , Rheumatoid arthritis , Back (thoracic) hernia and canal stenosis (degenerative diseases) , Nerve compression (trap neuropathies) , Spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) , reformer,  antalgic tract, prolotherapy, calcification, lumbar neck hernia, bursitis tendinitis, fibromyalgia, obesity, nerve compression, child therapy.



    • About Shipping and Installation

      Paket içeriğinde Tüm ahşap parçalar, vidalar, duvar bağlantı aparatları mevcuttur. Kurulum için sadece şarjlı matkap ve duvar delici matkap gereklidir.


      İki çeşit kargolama yöntemi mevcuttur. 

      1. Tamamen parçalar halinde gönderim 

        Avantajı kargo ücreti düşüktür.

        Dezavantajı kurulum için alıcı zaman harcaması gerekmektedir.

      2.Yarı montajlı Gönderim 

        Avantajı kurulumu kolay olur 

        Dezavantajı Kargo ücreti demontajdan daha fazla olur.

      kargo ücreti alıcıya aittir . 


    • Custom Size

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